What is Suspicious Activity?

Recent thefts in Leeland Station from numerous cars belonging to our residents prompted a visit at September's Board Advisory Committee meeting by First Sergeant Darrell English from the Crime Prevention Unit of the Stafford Sheriff's Office. He was accompanied by our Sheriff's Community Contact, Deputy Sheriff Josh Scott.

First Sergeant English and Deputy Scott reiterated the ideas on how to prevent these types of crimes by way of the "Take it, Lock it, Hide it or Lose it"  campaign.

They encouraged ALL residents to call the sheriff whenever you see, hear or think something is not right.  Think of it this way... If you call and you're not right, you risk nothing.  If you are right and don't call, you risk everything.

He discourages use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, email, etc... or sending text messages to alert a person in the dead of night.  Chances are you will not reach that person and the potential that your suspicions are correct are just that, correct.

Call the Stafford County Sheriff at "911" if you think a crime is occurring, about to occur or you see or hear someone or something you don't recognize near your home or a neighbor's home.  You can also reach the Sheriff at (540) 658-4400 for non-emergencies.  First Sergeant English said "it doesn't matter which number you call - what's important is that you just call."

The Sheriff's Office left us with this guidance to help us all be more vigilant.

What is Suspicious?

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