Snow Removal Questions

Curious how snow removal is done in our community?

Many discussions have been held by our Board of Directors regarding our past and upcoming winters. We've discussed how it impacted the budget and what steps need to be taken to ensure community properties are treated and cleared of snow.

The major question from residents seems to be, "When will our street get plowed?" The only answer we can give is, it depends on many variables.   For instance, Do you live in Belle Air Village? Do you live on a dedicated state road?  Do you live on an undedicated road?

The easiest answer is the streets will get plowed, but please be patient.

The "Who plows?" depends on where you live.

All of the streets within Leeland Station, including Belle Air Village (aka the active adult section), are dedicated "state roads", so VDOT is the responsible contractor.  The Leeland Station Community Association (LSCA) is responsible for sidewalks and driveways only within Belle Air Village and community property (i.e. Belle Air Clubhouse).  The LSCA has no control over the timing of VDOT's arrival or how well they plow individual streets.

In Leeland Station, VDOT is responsible for dedicated streets that they have control over. Those streets that are not dedicated "state roads" (such as newer still under construction areas) snow removal responsibility falls on the developer, K. Hovnanian.

VDOT and K. Hovnanian do not clear sidewalks, nor are they responsible for plowed over driveway aprons.  That is the responsibility of the homeowner and the sidewalks need to be done in a timely manner as soon as the snow ends.

Remember, when Conway Elementary School re-opens, children in our community need clear paths to walk to school.  The residents of Belle Air Village pay additional homeowner assessments for snow removal of their sidewalks, driveways and property landscaping.

All that said, if you see a plow that's not plowing, it may be going somewhere else. Remember to be a courteous neighbor and shovel your sidewalks and apply treatment for ice if needed.

Here's a link to VDOT's current snow removal preparation and procedures FAQ flyer which may answer additional questions.

VDOT Snow Removal Guide

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