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Based on the overall appearance of the Leeland Station Community within the last few months, I feel compelled to send this reminder email out to all owners in the community. If you are an owner who does keep up with maintenance of your lot, than I apologize in advance for receipt of this email.

Recently, we've seen many comments on social media regarding the condition of some of the lots in the community. Some of those comments are..."Why isn't the management company or the HOA doing their job?" Or  "Why did I get a notice but my neighbor's grass is a foot tall?"

We thought it would beneficial to provide a summary of the enforcement procedures for the community. First and foremost, due to the rise in unkempt homes, management stepped up the inspections a few months ago from monthly to weekly (we are contracted for monthly inspections).

Some of the items we are currently focusing on, but not limited to, are: yard/landscaping maintenance (including mowing and edging of lots on a consistent basis); trash can placement on non-trash pick up days (cans should be stored out of public view); utility trailers, RV's, boats (all of which are prohibited in the community); unapproved modifications (pools, gardens, sheds, fences, etc.), excessive amount of items being stored in public view; and general home upkeep and maintenance.

Owners who are in non-compliance receive a reminder notice which ultimately can turn into a hearing and fines if the owner chooses not to correct the non-compliance item.  Management is prohibited by law to discuss an owners violations with another owner.  Please refer to the Leeland Station Community Association handbook for the full set of community guidelines.

Community rules are created to assist in maintaining property values as well as harmony and an aesthetically pleasing view of the community. It is up to the property owners to keep up with their investments by following the rules.

If you have a question or concern regarding HOA related items, feel free to email me or attend the monthly BAC meeting. The meetings are held 7:00 p.m. the 1st Tuesday of each month at the clubhouse.

Management does not subscribe to social media. Therefore, HOA related questions or concerns should be directed to FirstService Residential or in person at the Board Advisory Committee meeting.

Our goal is to keep Leeland Station as one of the premiere communities to reside, in Fredericksburg!

Thank you,

Katrinea M. Erb, CMCA, AMS

Community Manager 


Please share this information with neighbors that may not have received it.

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