Are you ready for…SNOW?

There are, and always will be, many discussions held among your Board Advisory Committee members regarding the past and upcoming winters.  We've discussed how it impacted the community, the budget, and what steps we need to take to ensure our community is treated and cleared of snow.

The major question from residents seems to be, "When will our street get plowed?"  The only answer we can give is, it depends on many variables.   For instance, Do you live in Belle Air Village? Do you live on an "accepted state road?"  Do you live on an "unaccepted state road?"

Leeland Station Nature Trail  (Feb 2010)

The easiest answer is: "The streets will get plowed, but please be patient."  The "Who plows?" That depends on where you live.

All of the streets within Leeland Station, including Belle Air Village, are intended to be "accepted state roads", which means VDOT will be responsible for the maintenance, snow removal and ice treating once the roads have been completed and added to the state inventory.

The Leeland Station Community Association (LSCA) is only responsible for sidewalks and driveways within Belle Air Village and community owned property (ie. Belle Air Clubhouse).  The LSCA has no direct control over the timing of VDOT's arrival or how well they plow individual streets.

On the "unaccepted state roads" in the new construction areas of Leeland Station (East), the snow removal responsibility falls on the developer, K. Hovnanian.  Those streets plowed by K. Hovnanian are (alphabetically); Brisbane Court; Canberra Court; Coleman's Mill Drive; Crovo Lane; Elmont Court; Perth Dr from Woodford Dr to the end; Rice Road;  and Woodford Drive from Maroochy Court tothe cul-de-sac.

You can view the snow removal map here. Leeland Station - 2017 snow removal

Neither VDOT or K. Hovnanian are responsible to clear sidewalks in any area, nor are they responsible for plowed over driveway aprons.  That is the responsibility of the homeowner and we all need to be aware the sidewalks must be done in a timely manner as soon as the snow ends. Remember, when Conway Elementary School re-opens after a school closing, or remains open after a snowfall, children in our community need clear sidewalks to walk to and from school.

Also be sure your mailbox is free and clear of snow and ice or the U.S. Postal Service can refuse delivery.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the postal carrier has adequate and safe access to the mailbox.  If the carrier feels that the approach is not safe, they can and will refuse to service your mailbox.

The residents of Belle Air Village pay additional assessments for snow removal of their sidewalks and driveways.  The nature trails in Leeland Station are not cleared, except the path on Leeland Road from Walnut Farms Parkway to the Conway Elementary School property.

All that said, if you see a plow that's not plowing, don't fret, it may be going somewhere else and your street will be plowed as soon as practical.

Please, be a courteous neighbor, shovel your sidewalks and apply treatment for ice as needed.

Here's a flyer for VDOT's current snow removal preparation and procedures FAQ which may answer additional questions.  This year it includes a link to VDOTplows, a web tool that lets you find out where plows have been, where they're going in the Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg districts.


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