Board of Directors

As of November 14, 2017, The Board of Directors are now comprised of five (5) resident members of the Community Association. 

The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Committee Room of the Belle Air Clubhouse to discuss the business of the Leeland Station Community Association.  Residents are encouraged to attend.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Community at the Annual Meeting and serve three-year terms.  Annual Meetings are generally held in November of each year.

To establish the requisite three-year terms and create continuity in the Board of Directors so that at no time will the entire Board be replaced, newly elected Directors will begin by serving either a 1, 2, or 3-year term based on the number of votes each candidate received. The Officer Positions within the Board of Directors are selected by the Board Members.

Your Board of Directors

Gail Carlson - President**

Scott Hirons - Vice President***

Steve Stephenson - Treasurer**

Michelle Hopkins - Secretary*

Jonathan "JB" Bissell - Director at Large***

*Denotes year(s) of term remaining  * = One-year term

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