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2014 Great Pumpkin Chase

It's time! The 2014 Great Pumpkin Chase (kid's fun run) will be Saturday, October 11, at 8:00 AM. Last year's GREAT pumpkin, Brian Duy, will be making a repeat appearance this year! Everything will be wrapped up before 9:00 AM allowing you to make it to those Saturday morning...
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What is Suspicious Activity?

Recent thefts in Leeland Station from numerous cars belonging to our residents prompted a visit at September's Board Advisory Committee meeting by First Sergeant Darrell English from the Crime Prevention Unit of the Stafford Sheriff's Office. He was accompanied by our Sheriff's Community Contact, Deputy Sheriff Josh Scott. First Sergeant English and Deputy Scott reiterated the ideas on...
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Recent Larcenies in Leeland Station

August 15, 2014
During the late evening and early morning hours numerous vehicles were entered throughout Leeland Station.
We've been responding to and answering questions most of the morning about these incidents.
We have been in contact with 1st Sergeant Darrell English in the Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit...
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